Eligibility: Spartacus Combative Sparring

Want to fight for the IFS Spartacus Combative Sparring?

The IFS accepts fighters of all weight classes, gender, and nearly all ages even if it’s your first fight. First, you must be approved by your coach and dedicate time to training. Secondly, you must be willing to develop a fan base and social media presence. The IFS will provide you with materials needed and a step-by-step method of how to do so.

Step 1: Submit Your Application

Fill out and submit the online form in detail with your coach. You must provide your current information and disclose your complete fight history. Make sure to include your minimum and maximum fight weight. Once matched, the IFS will send your coach a detailed confirmation agreement. You and your coach must reply in agreement.

Step 2: Sell Event Tickets

For each fighter, a batch of 50 sequentially-numbered General Admission tickets and a Commission Sheet will be sent to the coach (at the gym’s address) to sell; Premier Admission tickets are available to sell upon request. You and your coach are responsible for the face value of all tickets; therefore, it is your responsibility to safeguard them. The IFS requests that you sell at least 20 tickets because of the high-quality production costs of IFS shows. The IFS will reward the gym with a percentage of the tickets sold. Fighters who sell at least 20 individual tickets will be eligible to purchase VIP Ringside Table Seating separately if available.

Step 3: Promote Your Fight

As a fighter, this is your opportunity to market yourself to enhance yourself for future success. Here’s how:

  1. Share our digital banner on Facebook and Instagram to announce your fight and repost it with updates on your progress up to the day of the fight.
  2. Create a Facebook event such as “John Doe’s SuperFight at the IFS” and invite everyone on your list. Include all the details. If you need additional information, the IFS promotion team can help.
  3. Let your fans know how important your fight is and how their support will help. Tell them the fights are not televised and cannot be live streamed. They will want to see you up close and in person to cheer you on.
  4. Let them know you have tickets available and purchasing them through you will earn the gym a commission.
  5. Have tickets on hand when you ask “Are you coming to my fight?” Let them know that tickets purchased at the door are $5 more and the gym will not earn commission from tickets sold at the door.
  6. Ask your fans when they will get their tickets and let them know the different forms of payment you can accept such as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, cash or check. 
  7. Post training photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram. Show off your hard work daily. 
  8. Continuously talk to your gym mates, friends, family, and co-workers about the fight. Express your excitement! 

Promote yourself and you will see the rewards of your efforts in all aspects of your career with a fan base. You put in the hard work. You deserve to be seen. Let’s do it!

Step 4: Read the IFS Spartacus Combative Sparring Rules and Requirements

IFS Spartacus Combative Sparring is a technique-based event. Similar to Olympic Boxing, judging is solely based on scores and not power. Two judges at mat side have clickers in their hands tallying the number of clean strikes. The highest number of unblocked strikes wins the competition. Knockouts are prohibited. Excessive power and haymakers will result in warnings and will lead to disqualification. As a reminder this is not an amateur full rules fight.

  1. All competition is fought on a mat not in a ring. Two mats will be on the stage floor. 
  2. No fighters license nor cornerman license is required.
  3. Unlike semi-contact events, there is no entry fee for the fighter to compete. 
  4. Two cornerman are allowed in the mat area. Only one cornerman is comped during the event. Additional cornerman must pay the admission fee. No other comps are giving out for this event.  
  5. All fighters will receive a medal sponsored by the Red Scorpion TKD Tournament Systems.
  6. Fighters will compete in 3 rounds, 2 minutes each. Juniors will compete in 3 rounds, 90 second each. If the result in a draw, the judge will tally the number of points and the highest score wins.
  7. WEIGHT CLASSES: Same as standard IKF weight-classes. Minimum age: 8 years old. Preferred weights also can be agreed between the two coaches during proposed match cards by the matchmaker.
    A Junior Fighter must bring valid I.D. (such as birth certificate, passport, state I.D., driver’s license) at weigh-ins to show proof of age.
  8. RULES: ALL BOUTS ARE BASED ON TECHNIQUE! NO EXCESSIVE FORCE! It can be fast, technical but not hard. Elbows are not allowed, one time clinch and let go, one time knees and let go, sweeps okay, no kick to knees, one time catching the leg and let go. All hands and feet fast pace.
  9. EQUIPMENT: Mouth piece, headgear, groin cup, in-step shin guards, Muay Thai shorts, no tops (except females). All equipment must be provided by the fighter (not by the IFS).
  10. GLOVES:
    Ages 13 years and over – 16 oz. gloves
    Ages 8-12 years old – 14 oz. gloves
    Fighter and opponent must wear the same size gloves. IFS gloves must be worn during the match and returned afterwards.

Step 5: Reconcile Your Ticket Sales at Weigh-Ins

In order for your gym to earn its commission, you must reconcile your ticket proceeds and unsold tickets with the IFS at weigh-ins. NOTE: If you do not reconcile your ticket sales at this time, then you will not be allowed to compete and you risk suspension from future fights.