Fighter Photo & Gym Logo Uploads

    If you are a returning fighter who is updating your fight pose photo or a returning gym that is updating your gym logo, please do so here.

    High Quality, High Resolution Fight Pose Photo
    1) Wear dark clothing. 2) Don’t wear white. 3) Stand in front of a white wall. 4) Step away from wall to reduce harsh shadows. 5) Shoot to include entire body from the thighs up. 6) Upload the unaltered, original/actual image.

    Fighter wearing shorts and posing with fists up to chest height.
    You submit your high resolution photo that looks like this.

    Example banner to share on Facebook and Instagram.
    We produce your social media banner that looks like this.

    High resolution Gym Logos
    If you have different gym logos, choose the one that stands out best over a dark background and closest to a perfect square or circular shape.

    Example gym logo for dark background.Example gym logo for dark background.
    For example, theses high resolution logos will look good against a dark background.

    Your Name

    Phone Number

    Email Address

    Name of Fighter in Photo (as it should appear on Digital Banner)

    Name of Gym (as it should appear next to Gym Logo on Digital Banner)

    Acceptable file types: .jpeg, .jpg .png
    File size limit: 10MB each