IFS Fighter Application Form

    Fill out and submit the online form in detail with your coach. Your full name must match your valid I.D. (such as driver's license, state I.D., passport, or birth certificate). You must provide your current information and disclose your complete fight history. Make sure to include your minimum and maximum fight weight. Once matched, the IFS will send your coach a detailed confirmation agreement. You and your coach must reply in agreement.

    Before you begin, scroll down to the end to review the requirements for your Fight Pose Photo and make sure that you have your photo ready for upload as part of your submission.


    Mininum Fight Weight

    Maximum Fight Weight


    Fighter's Full Name

    City, State


    MT/KB Win-Loss Record

    MMA Win-Loss Record

    PKB/In-Gym Sparring Win-Loss Record

    Boxing Win-Loss Record

    Date of Birth

    Coach's Name

    Coach's Phone Number

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    Gym Name

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    IFS Number & Date

    Fight Type
    Muay ThaiKickboxingMMA

    Fighter's Phone Number

    Fighter's Email Address

    High Resolution Fight Pose Photo for IFS Digital Banners
    1) Wear dark clothing. 2) Don’t wear white. 3) Stand in front of a white wall. 4) Step away from wall to reduce harsh shadows. 5) Shoot to include entire body from the thighs up. 6) Upload the unaltered original/actual image.

    Fighter wearing shorts and posing with fists up to chest height.
    You submit your high resolution photo that looks like this.

    Example banner to share on Facebook and Instagram.
    We produce your social media banner that looks like this.

    Acceptable file types: .jpeg, .jpg, .png
    File size limit: 10MB each