Meet the Board

IFS group shot of board members
Gloria Q. McGrew, Master Shawn Shilati, David Huey
IFS headshot of Shawn Shilati

Master Shawn Shilati

IFS Founder, President, Promoter & Fight Matchmaker

Why did I create the IFS? The most exciting form of stand-up fighting is Muay Thai. The most exciting form of ground fighting is Mixed Martial Arts. The International Fight Showdown (IFS) often features both for a show of hard-hitting action for all fans. The IFS brings out the best of the best making it the most popular fight show today.

IFS headshot of Gloria Q. McGrew

Gloria Q. McGrew

IFS Event Manager

I am proud to be working with the IFS as the event manager. Upon looking for a training gym in 1999, I met Master Shawn Shilati. Since then, I have been working closely with Master Shawn while assisting and promoting his gym and events. Thank you to the organizations, gyms, IFS fighters, fans and sponsors. Because of your support, the International Fight Showdown is a great success.

IFS headshot of David Huey

David Huey

IFS Announcer, Adviser & Media Director

I’ve been called “The Voice of Muay Thai.” But my role extends beyond being the announcer. As a trainer, practitioner, and critic of the sport, I have seen the IFS bring out the best new generation fighters. The vision of the IFS has given fighters, gyms, and trainers a place to be seen, heard and respected.