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IFS50 Recap & Results – June 18, 2021

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The 50th show of the International Fight Showdown was back after a year layoff due the pandemic and the IFS made history with its first Point Martial Arts® event.  

30 semi-contact matches were held on two mats on the stage at the newly renovated Grand Theatre formerly known as M3Live in beautiful downtown Anaheim.  Promoter and Matchmaker Shawn Shilati put his 33 years of experience of holding Tae Kwon Do tournaments and applied the same organizational skills to the Point Martial Arts®.  

“Point Martial Arts® is a great way for upcoming fighters to get their feet wet before they go amateur.” says Shilati.  “Unlike other point fighting events, we don’t charge a fighter’s fee, we pre-match all fights fairly and run it like a professional fight show. Plus, we use several professional fighters on the official’s team.” 

The IFS appointed several referees and judges from various backgrounds with experience with officiating IKF, CAMO and TKD fights to ensure the fighters’ safety.  

The IFS will make Point Martial Arts® a part of the future IFS events. However, the next event is back to fully sanctioned fights. Fasten your seat belts for IFS51 and IFS52 where we’ll see Kickboxing and Muay Thai fights back in the ring.

IFS50 PMA® Results


  • Karlyn Guerra vs. DARLA SANCHEZ (W)
  • Kassandra Rios vs. JADE PICASSO (W)
  • Isaac Faltas vs. PAUL FERNANDEZ (W)
  • Angel Andrade vs. LUIS MARES (W)
  • HERBER GUERRERO (W) vs. Ryan Rudd
  • BLAKE DE COURCY (W) vs. Leonardo Salazar
  • Dominick Nagle vs. JAYDEN PALOMINO (W)
  • Daniel Kaishchiyan vs. GIOVANNI CRUZ (W)
  • Emanuel Chakbanyan vs. KOLIN ELOFSON (W)
  • Daniel Visiso vs. ANTHONY VARDUMYN (W)
  • Giovanni Vargas vs. JESUS REVELES (W)


  • MILSHON LATHAN (W) vs. Chris Ramos
  • Mario Sigala vs. STEVE O’BRYANT (W)
  • Nick Prusakowski  vs. MARVIN RODRIGUEZ (W)
  • DANIEL VISISO (W) vs. Ellecer Pagduan
  • MILSHON LATHAN (W) vs. Anthony Quan
  • Charles Kim vs. KEVIN MACMONIGLE (W)
  • Nicholas Roman vs. JOSE FONSECA (W)
  • Andrew Kim vs. MAZIYAR AHMADPOUR (W)
  • MAZIYAR AHMADPOUR (W) vs. Matthew Escalera
  • JOSE FONSECA (W) vs. David Sanchez
  • Gabriel Aradia vs. CHRIS RAMOS (W)
  • SERGIO MENDEZ (W) vs. Alex Boyd
  • TROY PHONETHONG (W) vs. Giovanni Walker
  • Mohamed Ayoubi vs. ALFREDO CALDERAS (W)
  • CHRISTIAN GONZALES (W) vs. Joshua Cantu
  • Arnoldo Cortez vs. GEORGE GUILLARD (W)
  • NICHOLAS TORRES (W) vs. Griffin Glenn
  • LEONARD MILLER (W) vs. Otto Errett
  • AGUSTINE FLORES (W) vs. Daniel Garza
  • JET MEJIA-BOHOL (W0 vs. Tristan Cabrera

Thank you to all who participated and made our first PMA® event a success. Don’t forget that IFS51 is just around the corner August 20th with sanctioned Muay Thai and Kickboxing fights in the ring, a show you don’t want to miss. Get your tickets now!